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Main Line Sewer Inspections and Drain Cleaning

Jake The Snake uses a rigid Max200 camera that transmits a sonde signal from inside the pipe underground. we receive the sonde signal and we can accurately locate areas of question from above ground. Marking the length and depth.

We Use a Variety of Spartan Tool Drain Cleaning Cable Machines along with other equipment tools and methods for all of you Drain Cleaning Needs.

Jake The Snake Sewer Service
Jake The Snake Sewer Service

We provide residential and commercial video sewer pipe inspections.

You will be given a high-resolution copy of you video scope on DVD along with a written report that takes note of any irregularities discovered in the line. (i.e. broken sections of pipe, offset joints, root intrusion, cracks in the pipe, obstructions, blockages, collapsed pipe and low spots in the pipe that hold water (sags or bellies) We will also provide you with a recap sheet, Grading the condition of your pipe from A-F depending on the findings

Are Camera Inspections Necessary When Buying or Selling a Home?

The purpose of a sewer scope is to determine if the mainline sewer pipe is Damaged or problematic.

When preparing to sell a home or property you can head off any potential hiccups during the under contract pre-close period If problems are found, you’ll be able to fix it on your own terms and budget and most likely save yourself a lot of money. (Typically, the buyer’s agent requests a sewer scope and the negotiates with the seller’s agent to make any repairs before they Purchase the property.)

Jake The Snake Sewer Service

Unbiased no conflict of interest Inspection Services.

At Jake The Snake we do not perform any excavating or replacement mainline sewer pipes, nor do we try to sell the jobs to other companies for a percentage of what the charge. Too often, minor issues in the line are greatly exaggerated and routine maintenance that costs a couple hundred dollars every couple year of years, becomes an excavation job costing you thousands of dollars in an instant.

During a sewer scope a Jake The Snake field technician will identify

A. The type of existing pipe. (Terra cotta clay, cast iron, ABS, Orangeburg, SDR 35 or schedule 40 sewer line material.)
B. Interior or exterior clean out access points. (Cleanouts often Get Covered up behind drywall or under outside landscaping materials.)
C. That the sewer line is in good working condition. (meaning no current Blockages or Collapsed Pipe obstructing flow of sewage)
D. Whether a line needs routine maintenance or if it needs excavation and replacement.

Jake The Snake Sewer Service

How long does the Sewer Scope take?

Usually about an hour. The length of the inspection depends on the sewer pipe access (crawl spaces, roof vents, tight spots toilet pulls) length and configuration, trolls in the line and the number of issues needing identified and located. Clean-out caps may need to be chiseled and replaced.

Do I need to be present when the scope is completed?

Although it is preferred that some be at the property at the time of the inspection it is not necessary. Access details can be communicated with our scheduling office to the field technician.
(I. E. Locker box number, gate code etc.)

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Would Jake The Snake recommend a scope on a new-build?

Not Necessarily, House bill 07–1338 and we would recommend a sewer scope before any warranty expires although warranties for newly built homes generally offer limited coverage on workmanship and materials related to various components of the home. Before your warranty expires (2 years depending on the Builder) it is a good idea to have the main sewer line inspected to ensure proper construction and no major structural Defects.